Retrofit Belay


Powerful spaces are all about flexibility. That’s what makes Retrofit Belay a smart addition to any scalable accessory lineup. Easily
installed in the field, Retrofit Belay allows a variety of Cat cables and connectors to be fed through some of Byrne’s most popular
power/data centers like Axil, Assemble and Ellora. Cables smaller than 0.68” simply pass through the opening and are held in
place by a durable rubber grommet. So keep your options open and cord management a breeze with Retrofit Belay.

Retrofit Belay can be added to the following list of products:

  • Assemble Line
  • Dot
  • Axil Line
  • Node
  • Ellora Line
  • Dean

*Not Suggested for Mho Line or MyPower

Fits Cat cables and other Connectors smaller than 0.68”

  • DisplayPort
  • VGA
  • DVI
  • most Standard HDMI Connectors (Will fit Byrne Branded HDMI)