Byrne 4-Trac® 15 Amp Duplex Receptacle


The Byrne 4-Trac System is UL Recognized as an Office Funishings Accessory (UL 1286) and UL Listed as a Manufactured Wiring System (UL 183). The modular design of the 4-Trac System combines power and USB receptacles, jumpers, connectors, and power infeeds for highly flexible and low-profile power distribution.

  • Use as part of the 4-Trac modular electrical system
  • 4-Wires, 2 Circuits, 20 Amps each (Circuit 1 and 2 only)
  • (13) 15 Amp Duplex Receptacles per circui
  • 'Specify Circuit 1 or 2
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